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The Mitti Podcast - Episode 5 : AI for Ecology feat. Alicia Charennat

While condemning advancements in technology is not a realistic solution, it can surely lead us to one question: is it possible to harmonize nature and technology for the benefit of nature? In or our latest edition of The Mitti Podcast, we try to understand this dilemma. Tune in for an insightful conversation with the CEO and co-founder of foldAI, Alicia Charennat.


The Mitti Podcast - Episode 4 : Sustainability and the Future of Food feat. Constantinos Pantilidis

Constantinos Pantelidis shares his views on sustainability in agriculture, Agriculture 4.0, and consumer behaviour trends in this dynamic episode of The Mitti Podcast. Visit for data on this episode and to learn about his work at Gravity Dialogue.

The Mitti Podcast - Episode 3 (Part 2) A budding organic farmer feat. Anurag Singh

In part 2 of the journey, Anurag Singh talks about his learning throughout his travels and his vision for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Visit The Mitti Collective for photos of Anuraag's farm, and follow us on Instagram @the_mitti_collective, to meet Amma!

The Mitti Podcast - Episode 3 (Part 1) A budding organic farmer feat. Anurag Singh

Full of excitement and pride of such a passionate person, we present you the story of Anurag Singh, a 19-year-old Indian young man who decided early on that sustainability is a path of action, not only a class-taught theory!

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The Mitti Podcast - Episode 2 : Adventures of an Alternative Farmer feat. Andrea Menéndez

From Spain to Ireland, to Norway and back, this geographer by profession shares many anecdotes about her experience with alternative agriculture with us in this episode of The Mitti Podcast

you can check out her article on The Mitti Collective blog

Music: Dsei Sei by F.S. Blumm - La bèl's friends  (available under Creative commons license on Internet Archive)

The Mitti Podcast - Episode 1

In our first episode for The Mitti Podcast, we discuss, Who we are? Why we are here? and, What we Intend to do?

To know more about us, read our blog at The Mitti Collective. and do subscribe for regular updates


PS. The Good Earth is not a "Chinese novel" but rather an English novel by Pearl. S. Buck!



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